Our Ice Tech, Program Coordinator and men's locker room manager

Ice is just the beginning for Tom Lens, Exmoor's man for all seasons.

Tom Lens started caddying at Exmoor when he was 10 years old.  He caddied at Exmoor through junior high, through high school, through college.  After he graduated from Stockton College in Kansas City, Missouri with a degree in education, he taught and coached wrestling for a few years while working as Caddie Master at Exmoor during the summers off.  

In 1996, Tom was invited to be Exmoor’s third Men’s Locker Room Manager and Ice Tech at the curling house.  Tom says he immediately accepted, “and I’ve never looked back.  First was Martin for 50-something years. Then Nick, and now I’m the third.”  

Tom’s team handles the locker room in the summer and the ice in the winter.  Almost every round of golf at Exmoor goes through the locker room, about 17,000 in all, making summer a very busy time.  

According to Tom, his role as Ice Tech is even more intense.  Every year the process begins the day after Labor Day.  Four days of power washing. Four days of cooling, Then the arduous 29-day process of installing ice to championship level, involving numerous “floods” of pure, ionized water and countless hours measuring, painting the ice, drawing lines, setting hacks, drilling holes, and sealing it all in under more ice so it stays perfect through curling season.  You’ll never look at a perfectly prepared curling ice sheet the same way again.  

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