A fun, winter sport to play with friends and family

Why not try “chess on ice?”

Curling is an ice sport enjoyed by millions worldwide. Played competitively and recreationally by men and women of all ages, the 500-year-old sport focuses on finesse, strategy, and camaraderie. Since its official addition to the Winter Olympic Games in 1988, curling has grown in popularity, both on the North Shore and worldwide. Most recently, Team USA’s men’s curling team brought home gold at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

As a two- and four-person game, curling is especially attractive to new Exmoor members. The curling season is broken into two seasons:  mid-October through Christmas, and January through mid-March.

Exmoor has offered curling for more than 80 uninterrupted years. During this time, the Club has hosted a wide variety of state, national, and international curling events. Throughout the curling season, league play, bonspiels, and learn2curls provide Members with the opportunity to participate in a physical sport while also socializing with a diverse group of people.  League play is organized play that involves assigned teams and regular weekly games. Bonspiel is the official term for a curling competition.

Open Curling for All Ages and Genders
  • Open curling provides Exmoor curlers with the opportunity to play with their friends and family. Open league play is offered two to three times each week. A variety of single-evening, single-day, and weekly open events are offered throughout the season.

Men’s Curling
  • League play is offered once a week. Men’s bonspiels are run periodically throughout the season both at Exmoor Country Club and other North Shore clubs.  

Women's Curling
  • League play is offered once a week. Women’s bonspiels are run periodically at other curling clubs in the United States.

Rookie Curling
  • Rookies can participate in their own league play offered once a week, or can get involved with any of the above listed open, men's, or women’s programs. Throughout the season, bonspiels geared towards rookies are also offered by Exmoor Country Club and the Illinois Curling Association.

Junior Curling
  • Children between the ages of 6 and 18 can learn to curl and play games with the guidance of experienced adult curlers.

  • Throughout the season, learn2curl sessions start with 15 minutes of off-ice instructions to learn the basics of curling, followed by 45 minutes of practice and a chance to play a few ends.   

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