Guest Information

Our Members love to share the delights of Exmoor
with family and friends.

We all want guests to have a wonderful time visiting Exmoor.
These tips and background information will help guests have the best experience.
Please read, download and share.

Clubhouse Attire

Please Click HERE to download Exmoor's Dress Code Policy

Cell Phones

In keeping with the congenial personality of the Club, we understand the need for members and their guests to be accessible while at Exmoor. For this reason, cell phones are not banned from all Club property. As a courtesy to others, guests are requested to set phones to "vibrate" mode whenever they are on Club property, and to excuse themselves from the dining and bar areas when receiving or placing cellular calls. Electronic data use of the cell phone is permitted, but should not distract or be a hindrance to the guest experience.


Smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas of Exmoor.


Upon your arrival, please drive to the bag drop area located at the south end of the clubhouse. A locker room attendant will properly tag your bag and transport it to the golf shop.

Locker Facilities

The men’s locker room is located on the ground level by the bag drop area. The women’s locker room is located on the second level of the clubhouse. The entrances are located next to the bag drop area. Locker room attendants will assign you lockers in close proximity to your host or hostess.


Care of the Course

Each Member and guest has the responsibility of taking care of the course. Please:

  • Take time to repair ball marks on the greens.
  • Replace divots or use sand-seed mix to fill divots in fairways.
  • Properly rake bunkers.
  • When driving a golf cart, please follow all directional signs and use cart paths when designated to do so. Please be especially careful to NOT drive in the tall fescue grasses. The responsible operation of golf carts will help preserve the pristine condition of our playing surfaces.
  • Please deposit smoking materials and other litter in available containers and never leave it on the course.


Exmoor Country Club is dedicated to maintaining a superior caddie program. The Club’s longstanding support for caddies and the Evans Scholarship program dates back to Exmoor’s founding. Our caddie program has become an integral component to Exmoor Country Club’s golf experience. Below are some useful guidelines to help you enjoy your round:

  • Members and guests are requested to use caddies whenever available.
  • Caddies should be treated with the same dignity and respect afforded to our Members, guests and Club employees.

We hope you enjoy your experience at Exmoor Country Club!

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