The Pool

To the eye, it just looks like a beautiful pool. It's what happens here that's magic. It's called summer.

The Exmoor swimming pool opened in 1935 and was rebuilt in 2000. It offers food service, a broad deck for sunbathing and spectacular vistas of the golf course.  It is a large, six-lane, heated pool featuring a diving board, full locker room facilities, poolside drink service and lifeguards on duty during open hours.  That is all wonderful and good.

The important thing to say about the Exmoor pool is that it is ground zero for "Summer":  That endless succession of magical, carefree days that sends all children into gleeful and utter happiness. An Exmoor summer at the pool is the kind of memory that burns brightly for a lifetime.

"Summer" is even more magical for adults. Every new summer is a vivid, powerful, sensory memory of all our summers past.  We're all younger in summer, lighter.  The smell of suntan lotion and chlorine, the feeling of diving into the fresh water, the happy sound of splashing ... bring back to mind every summer day you've ever lived, every summer movie you've ever seen, your own childhood summer glee. 

It's good for the children, but it's better, bigger, more important for the adults. So to all you moms and dads out there, grandmas and grandpas, too: Connect with a pool. Put aside your cares. Forget about your hair.  If not this summer, when?

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