Exmoor's Organic Garden

Leading the edible garden movement.

The Organic Gardener Ltd. (TOG), a leader in the garden-to-table movement, is redefining what it means to eat local through the creation of the new edible garden at Exmoor Country Club.  Tucked between the golf course and tennis courts just steps from the Exmoor kitchen, this production garden grows a variety of vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers. Exmoor’s Chef Hinkle worked closely with TOG founder Jeanne Nolan to select the crops that will find their way onto Members' plates in Club dining rooms as well as special al fresco summer dinners.

According to the National Restaurant Association's 2017 Culinary Forecast, the top three concept trends are hyper-local sourcing, natural ingredients, and environmental sustainability in that order.  “I’m excited for the growing process and creating a special eating experience for our Members," said Exmoor Chef Matthew Hinkle.  “This garden allows us to select our organic and sustainable crops, share the dynamic growing process with our Members and their families, and harvest each crop at its perfect point of freshness."

Exmoor utilizes local, sustainable and organic products from the following farms and producers around the Tri-State area:

  • Nordic Creamery
  • LaClare Farms
  • Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Cooperative
  • Cedar Ridge Farm
  • Maple Leaf Farms
  • Driftless Breeze
  • Bieler Farms
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