Our Membership Director

Dale Bloom is eager to share the wonders of Exmoor
with prospective Members.

They say there’s nothing like coming home again, and Dale Bloom is testament to that. When Dale joined Exmoor in June, 2017, it was both a career pinnacle and a sweet and satisfying homecoming.  The Highland Park area is Dale's hometown, where she grew up and graduated from Highland Park High School.   

In describing Exmoor, Dale speaks with pride about “the premier club in the area” and with knowledge about the year-round activities from golf to curling.  Her voice softens when asked about the people.  “Exmoor is just different. They brought me in like family. Such a happy place to be a part of it.  It’s a very different feeling here.”  

And Dale should know. She majored in Hospitality and Hotel Management at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign before a series of internship and management training successes at such notable restaurants at Lettuce Entertain You, Maggiano's and Big Bowl.   

Eventually, Dale was lured into the world of private club management, where she’s been ever since. From special events manager at Hillcrest Country Club to assistant general manager at Bryn Mawr Country Club to membership director at the Union League Club in Downtown Chicago, Dale has not only learned the ropes but mastered the milieu.  

Quick to smile, laugh, engage, and easy to be with… she’s a bit like Exmoor itself.  “When people walk through the doors here, they are all treated like Members, whether they are Members, guests or friends.”  

Dale enjoys sharing information about Exmoor and getting to know prospective Members during on-site tours.  “People are so often pleasantly surprised to learn how many families they already know who are Members.”  

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