General Manager Alan SLATIN

With 13 successful years as the Club's executive leader, Alan has exciting ideas and a passion for Exmoor's future.

Ask about his role at Exmoor, and you get classic Alan Slatin: “I just lead the band.” Alan’s good-natured style, humble attitude and gentle humor complement the high-performance standards, practices and achievements that imbue Exmoor under his management.

Alan graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management. He earned the Certified Club Manager Designation at the age of 29. He is past President of the Greater Chicago Club Managers Association and a past inductee into the Club Managers Association of America Honor Society.               

Alan was General Manager at North Shore Country Club and at Ruth Lake Country Club before joining Exmoor as general manager in 2005. Since then, he has led the planning and completion of important capital projects, such as a major clubhouse renovation and construction of the new Oakhouse. He has also raised the Exmoor culinary program to acclaimed levels of excellence and achieved high marks from Members in virtually all aspects of the Club’s operation.     

Alan takes pride in the professionalism of Exmoor's staff and management team.  "Adding a caring attitude and emotion to each encounter is a real sign of that professionalism, and also of Exmoor’s culture. I love getting positive feedback from Members. It makes my day.  When Members say how wonderful their graduation or anniversary party was, or when a Member is so thankful that we opened the club just for them on a Monday for a celebration of life, I say, “We’re family! We do those things! That’s why you’re a Member here.’ Our job is to make life a little bit better for the Members we serve.”  

Alan believes that Exmoor is more relevant today than ever.  "It used to be in the private country club world that a year or so after a food or activity became extremely popular, private clubs would begin to offer it. That's not true at Exmoor. We are incorporating what people want today into the things we are offering today. We strive to recognize and take full advantage of trends quickly in food, golf, technology.”    

Alan’s favorite day of the year at Exmoor?  “The Highland Fling. It’s Member-to-Member.  Participants play five 9-hole matches over two days, each with three different people. That's 15 different Members. I have never seen another Club who could pull that off.  All calibre of players have no trouble playing together. It’s a true mixer but also a competitive golf event. We have a three-year waiting list. It’s very special and unique to Exmoor."                                                      

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