At Exmoor You Can

Change Lives

The ExMoor Foundation

Big goals and even bigger impact.

For many years, Exmoor has been known as the premier family club on the North Shore. Exmoor 2020 reinforced this notion with its focus not only on Member families but on Exmoor staff and their families as well. Indeed, Exmoor considers Club staff part of the Exmoor family. With this in mind, Exmoor initiated in 2017 the formation of the Exmoor Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

The Exmoor Foundation mission is simple:

The Exmoor Foundation’s focus, in addition to raising funds for charitable and historic purposes, is to provide educational assistance to make life-altering differences in the lives of “Exmoor Scholars” — enabling our employees, their families, and the generations that will follow, the best opportunity to advance their lives through education.

Many Exmoor Members have achieved great success, largely due to educational opportunities available early in life. Members recognize the importance of assisting others through great organizations like the Evans Scholar Foundation, the Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund, and countless others. Many have witnessed the generosity of Members in behind-the-scenes support of Exmoor staff. The Exmoor Foundation now opens up that opportunity to all Members, to the benefit of club staff and their families as well as for other charitable and historic purposes.

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