The ExMoor Foundation

Big goals and even bigger impact.

For many years, Exmoor has been known as the premier family club on the North Shore. Exmoor 2020 reinforced this notion with its focus not only on Member families but on Exmoor staff and their families as well. With this in mind, Exmoor initiated in 2017 the formation of the Exmoor Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

The Exmoor Foundation mission:

The Exmoor Foundation’s focus, in addition to raising funds for charitable and historic purposes, is to provide educational assistance to make life-altering differences in the lives of “Exmoor Scholars” — enabling our employees, their families, and the generations that will follow, the best opportunity to advance their lives through education.


  • 2019 Annual Report
  • 2018 Annual Report
  • Board of Directors
    •   2019 Board of Directors
      James Stevenson
      , President
      Scott Murray, Vice President
      Cynthia Millspaugh, Secretary
      Steven J. Alley, Treasurer
      Ann Bates, Director
      Donna Johnson, Director
      Thomas Kearney, Director 
      Tammie Schallmo, DIrector
      Patrice Wetzel, Director

        Finance & Investment Committee
      Steven J. Alley, Chair
      Tom Kearney
      Scott Murray
      Patrice Wetzel

      Scholarship Committee
      Cyndi Millspaugh, Chair
      Donna Johnson
      Tom Kearney

      Development Committee
      Patrice Wetzel, Chair
      Ann Bates
      Scott Murray 


  • How to Donate

      If you would like to donate, please contact Brad Griffin at or 847.432.3600 ext 117

      If you would like to set up a meeting to discuss a significant pledge or to discuss the many giving options, please contact Sandy Stevenson at

  • Updates from Scholars
    • Please see below on how our Scholars are doing at school!

      Things have been really hectic lately. Anyway, school so far has been great! I have really found myself branching out and making new friendships. There is a really friendly and welcoming atmosphere here at Butler that I found myself attached to from the first day I arrived at campus. People are always willing to talk and meet new people. My professors are intelligent and knowledgeable and are always available to help. My favorite classes right now are art and history. I cannot believe I am halfway done with the semester! Time goes by fast.

      Eduardo Gonzalez

      I am doing really well! These days, I have been focusing on college applications and have so far been accepted to North Central College, Illinois College, Drake University and Carthage College. The college counselors at Cristo Rey are extremely kind and do everything they can to ensure that we obtain the help and resources necessary to apply to college before November 1st. Besides college applications, I am also helping host a Day of the Dead dance at my school (Cristo Rey St. Martin) as part of the National Hispanic Honors Society to celebrate the Mexican tradition of Day of the Dead. Last month, I was hired at Francesca's Intimo in Lake Forest as a host so I have also been going to work. I am currently working on applying to a few more colleges by November 2nd.

      I hope all of you are doing well,

      Giselle Bautisa

      Our goal is to “make life-altering differences in the lives of our scholars”…this is surely an example of that.  Whatever Fernando accomplishes in his life in the future, the Exmoor Foundation, and generosity of its members, will have made a difference. 
      We have reached out to all of our Exmoor Scholars and they are sending in their Fall transcripts as they become available.  The second installment checks are being distributed on a case by case basis once the transcripts/grades are received.  About 5 of the 15 have followed through thus far.

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