Executive Chef Matthew Hinkle

Exmoor's talented culinary team led by Executive Chef Matthew Hinkle prepares a stunning daily symphony of food, cocktails, desserts and more in multiple venues throughout Exmoor.

Successful chefs are the ultimate multi-taskers, maintaining high energy, a positive attitude and infectious team spirit whatever the kitchen triumph or crisis of the moment. On any given day, you'll find Matthew Hinkle on the go at 90 miles an hour, consulting over this or that pot, considering the merits of a particular batch of arugula.

Professional kitchens are exciting places!  Especially at a place like Exmoor.  An average busy summer day might see the Exmoor kitchen serving 50 to 100 at the pool; two or three private parties of 60 to 200 each; lunch for 60 to 80 people; and dinner for 150.  All prepared and served with aplomb and style.  

Matthew began cooking professionally at age 15: meat, potatoes and salads at a steak house. He went on to attend the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park, considered the Harvard of culinary schools. But how to explain the acute precision and organizational skills that set Matthew apart from even the most talented chefs and keep a large culinary operation like Exmoor humming?  He also earned a computer science degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  After graduation, Matthew found his desk job “boring,” enrolled at CIA, and the rest is history.  

He’s worked in kitchens from New Orleans to Hong Kong, which explains the titillating tastes of his seasonal specials:  New American and West Coast-inspired cuisine incorporating the enticing spices and chilis of the world.  

A true foodie, Matthew is quick to answer the question, “If you could eat dinner anywhere in the world tonight, what restaurant would it be?”  David Kinch’s Manrasa in Los Gatos, which has famously partnered with an organic gardener to supply the restaurant.  (Note to self:  Ask Matthew for restaurant recommendations when going out of town.)  

Matthew is bringing a bit of that mojo to Exmoor.  A couple of years ago, he initiated an organic garden at Exmoor to grow the produce used in seasonal specials. “Ingredient sourcing is 70 to 80 percent of the battle of creating great food today. Too much food is bred to survive traveling great distances as freight, and not bred for great flavor.”

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