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Applicant Information

Exmoor Country Club is an Equal Opportunity Employer, not discriminating in any of its policies or practices because of an individual's race, religion, nationality, gender, age, citizenship status, sexual orientation, veteran status, disability, or medical condition. We truly value the quality and dimension that diversity brings to the workplace and to our member's experience.

Required Information

A. If the job applying for at Exmoor will require you to drive a vehicle: 



A conviction record will not necessarily bar you from employment as the circumstances of the crime will be taken into consideration. Applicants will not be denied employment because of a conviction record unless there is a direct relationship to the offense that may compromise the job, or unless hiring would be an unreasonable risk to the organization.

Please list your educational acheivements in the space below. If you possess hospitalilty certificates, please include them in the "Other" area.

High School
Employment History

Please include below all of your prior employment experience of the past 10 years, starting with your most recent employment. Please explain any gaps in employment.

Professional References

Please include three professional or employment references from your past work experience that would be helpful to Exmoor in learning more about your skills, knowledge, and abilities to perform the work of the position for which you are applying. 

Please be assured that the information that you have provided to Exmoor will be held in strict confidence. Even if you are not hired, we will maintiain your application for 90 days after your signature date below. With this application and your signature, you confirm that all of the information that you have provided is true and verifiable, and that if hired, any information that is found to be otherwise, may result in an immediate dismissal.

Your offer of employment with Exmoor is also dependent upon favorable results of a drug screen, satisfactory results of a criminal background check, reference checks, and verification of any other information provided on this application. 

I understand that employment with Exmoor by no means creates an obligation or contract of employment on the part of Exmoor Country Club. I also understand that this employment is an "at will" relationship, meaning that either party may terminate employment at any time.  

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