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Rain Delay - Golf Course Open at 9:00 AM - Practice Facilities Open at 8:30 AM - No Carts

Sunday, July 21, 2019

(8:00 AM) - The golf course will open at 9:00 AM. Practice Facilities open at 8:30 AM. All play will begin on the first tee. Greens will not be mowed today due to excessive saturation and threat of mechanical damage from scalping. Green speeds will be affected. Limited remaining staff will blow debris off greens and remove standing water from the cups. Carts will not be available all day.

(6:20 AM) - Due to heavy rainfall (over 2" in the last 24 hours), starting times will be delayed this morning. All play will begin off the first tee at 9:00 AM. Please keep checking this page for updates, as storms are unpredictable and may increase in severity.

Thank you.

Course Update: Due to Thursday's heavy rainfall leading into excessive heat, both at night and during the day, green speeds will be slower than usual through the weekend. The Exmoor Agronomy Team will be "playing defense" against these difficult conditions by backing off of aggressive cultural practices such as rolling and topdressing. The plant is not yet used to or "trained" for our turf management style, so we will be playing it safe until the weather breaks.

Some questions have been asked about Poa annua on putting surfaces in the last few days. The small yellow tufts of turf you are seeing are not Poa annua but rather an adverse reaction to growth regular and biostimulant fertilizer. This phenomenon is called Bacterial Etiolation. From the USGA, "Symptoms often coincided with changing weather conditions and were more prevalent with frequent rainfall. Called etiolation, grass blades and stems turned yellow and began to elongate during high temperature and humidity." There is little conclusive research regarding etiolation, however, my understanding is that our new program involves different fertilizers than used previously, and more frequent applications of growth regulator. Symptoms were enhanced by Thursday's heavy rain, followed by high heat and humidity. This should not result in any significant turf loss, and should grow out in the next week or two. We will adjust our greens management program and perform cultural practices this week to aid recovery. Please click here for more information from the USGA regarding Bacterial Etiolation. Thank you for your understanding, and as always, please call, email, or stop by with any questions or to discuss further.

Cell: 267-346-4946
Office: 847-433-1177

Some reminders about carts...
- Cedar posts indicate that carts should exit the fairway to the nearest cart path
- Please keep carts on paths for all Par 3's
- Carts should not be driven within 50 ft. of greens, 30 ft. of tees, or on bunker banks
- Ropes and stakes have been placed at "pinch point" areas to disperse wear
Responsible cart operation protects the golf course and reduces maintenance costs!

Thanks and take care,

Tim Kelly
Golf Course Superintendent

Exmoor Country Club

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