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Golf Course Open - No Carts

Saturday, September 14, 2019

The golf course is open for walking play only today. Carts will not be allowed due to saturated conditions.

Below are pictures from yesterday's flooding. The golf course received 5.5" of rain in 36 hours. Our staff will be focusing on mowing greens (first time we have gone two days without mowing since April) and fixing greenside bunkers (still holding water as of this morning). Please excuse flooding debris and shaggy fairways, as we are still unable to mobilize any machinery onto the golf course for clean up.

Contractors will be working on edging bunkers today so please keep playing through manual labor in bunkers. Workers will be spread out on more than 2-3 holes as was originally announced due to the last two days of rain.

Tee times begin on the first and tenth hole at 7:30 AM.

Practice facilities open at 6:30 AM.

Yesterday's Flooding:

#3 Fairway

#3 Fairway cont'd

#4 Fairway

#12 Green

Bunker Renovation

Update (9/13/19 - 7:00 AM) - Contractors will not be working on bunkers today as conditions are too wet for machinery to mobilize around the golf course. Construction will resume tomorrow if conditions are favorable.

As communicated last week, the bunker renovation project will begin in earnest on the golf course this week. Today, contracted demolition crews will be working on holes 2, 3, 11, then 12 later on in the day. Once construction has begun on a bunker, it will be played as “Ground Under Repair.” Please contact the Golf Shop for assistance or questions you may have regarding the treatment of ground under repair.

To meet our overall renovation deadline, the contractors will not stop working when play approaches the work area like what is typically done with our staff here at Exmoor. For instance, if machines working in the greenside bunker on hole #1 would cease to work and wait for each group to putt out, their efficiency would decrease significantly, causing the project to fall behind schedule. Members and their guests are encouraged to please keep playing while equipment and crews are working.

In the beginning, crews will be mostly operating machinery, so there will not be a need to close a hole at this time.Our team will be observing outside contractors as best we can and will address issues as may arise. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly with any questions or concerns.

Thank your for your understanding and patience as we proceed through the bunker improvement project.

Long Grasses

Our team is in the process of mowing long grass areas ahead of the bunker renovation. 

Please keep carts out of long grass areas at all times. Even if mowed, these areas are not safe for carts to drive through.

Old #9 Closed

In preparation for the upcoming bunker renovation, we will be closing Old #9 green, fairway, and tee for the remainder of the season. If we need to close a hole on the regular golf course, we will be using Old #9 to complete an 18-hole circuit. On Tuesday, August 20th, the green was core aerified and backfilled with sand to alleviate numerous ballmarks and prepare it to be a viable putting surface. The fairway and tee will also be closed to give divots time to heal properly. As always, we appreciate your cooperation and understanding. Please feel free to reach out at any time with questions or comments. Thank you.

Some reminders about carts...
- Cedar posts indicate that carts should exit the fairway to the nearest cart path
- Please keep carts on paths for all Par 3's
- Carts should not be driven within 50 ft. of greens, 30 ft. of tees, or on bunker banks
- Ropes and stakes have been placed in pinch point areas to reduce wear
Responsible cart operation protects the golf course and reduces maintenance costs!

Thanks and take care,

Tim Kelly
Golf Course Superintendent

Exmoor Country Club

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