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Dear Members,

For many, the winter in Illinois marks a time when golfers hang up their clubs for months. When spring finally rolls around and golf season returns, golfer’s games are rusty and handicaps rise throughout the first few months of the season. With the addition of the Golf Performance Center, this does not need to be the case for Exmoor members. The winter now marks the perfect time of the year to either keep your game sharp or finally dive into fixing what has been hurting your scores. Without the distraction of posting low scores, golfers can focus their attention back to the fundamentals of the swing and break bad habits that might be costing them strokes on the golf course.

The goal of the Professional Golf Staff is to offer a premier teaching experience. Each member of our staff prides themselves on providing the finest golf instruction while utilizing the best golf instruction technology available. We are very excited to announce that our golf instruction bay will be equipped with a TrackMan Launch Monitor and V1 Pro Multi-Camera System. TrackMan will allow our professional staff to offer simplified instruction that is focused on the two most important variables, swing path and face angle at impact, which will make lessons and practice sessions more efficient. TrackMan and V1 are also fully integrated with a phone & tablet app that allows students to review their past lessons, and allows instructors to send follow up video notes for students to reference while practicing. This technology is truly the best of the best, and we are very excited to be offering it to the members of Exmoor.

Through the use of state of the art equipment, we are confident each instructor will be able to assist you in developing a better understanding of your golf game and help you lower your scores!


Dave Schmaltz, PGA
Matt Haskamp, PGA
Taylor Lambertsen

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