Guest Info


“Country Club Casual” is the general rule at Exmoor. Gentlemen's attire is business casual, including collared shirts, banded collared dress shirts or turtle-neck shirts tucked in with slacks. Dress shorts are permitted in season. Men's dress casual shirts with straight hems may be worn untucked. Jackets are preferred in the evening in the Grill, Trophy Bar, Founders Room and Wine Room, ties are optional. Corresponding appropriate attire is expected for women. Skirts and dresses should be appropriate and conservative length. 

Clothing such as tennis shorts, athletic or jogging shorts, blue jeans and denim are not acceptable. Beach and shower-type flip-flops, Croc-type shoes, tee-shirts, sweatshirts, swimwear and cover-ups are restricted to the Pool Area, the Clubhouse Locker Rooms and to and from the parking lot. Hats are not permitted inside the Clubhouse at anytime with the exception of the Men's Locker Room. 

Cell Phones

In keeping with the congenial personality of the Club, we understand the need for members and their guests to be accessible while at Exmoor. For this reason, cell phones are not banned from all Club property. As a courtesy to others, guests are requested to set phones to "vibrate" mode whenever they are on Club property, and to excuse themselves from the dining and bar areas when receiving or placing cellular calls. Whenever feasible, guests should arrange for incoming messages to be relayed to them by the Exmoor Staff. Clubhouse phone number is 847-432-3600.


Smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas of Exmoor. 

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